May 20, 2024


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How to Prepare for Staying in a Hotel with a Baby?


Parenthood is an auspicious blessing but it comes with a load of responsibilities. If your travel involves staying in a hotel, then this sense of responsibility increases manifold. You are less aware of the surroundings and have few contacts. Here are some parenting tips or guidance that you must keep in mind when you plan to stay in a hotel.

Availability of pediatricians around: We all wish to have a hassle-free life, but never know when we may need immediate consultation from a doctor. Keep the contact information of nearby pediatricians handy when preparing to stay in a hotel. It can help you cope with any emergency that may arise.

Pack baby food with you: We know you can’t miss it if your baby has started eating food. Depending upon the likes or dislikes and age of your baby, pick up some food items that are good for his or her health. Though restaurants may be around, do not take the risk of being completely dependent on them. Keep non-perishable food items like cereal flour, jaggery, nuts, dried fruit, pretzels, etc. If you are purchasing the ready-made packaging, make sure it’s easy to digest and has all the vital nutrients the baby needs. Book your hotel room with a kitchen where you can prepare porridge or other baby food.

Keep essential medicines: Allergies, chest congestion, scrapes, fall injuries, stomach infections, etc. are common health problems associated with kids. You never know when you have to spring into action while traveling to cope with any. Make sure you keep home remedies as well as prescribed medicines. Consult your pediatrician before traveling and keep the essential medicines.

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Keep baby’s amenities: Keeping a stroller, sleep sacks, blackout shades, etc. can be helpful. If your hotel is not providing them, you must add them to your list of packaging items. While going outdoors on a sunny day, you may need to protect your kid from sunburn. Keep protective clothing, water-resistant sunscreen, a broad-brimmed hat, sliding on wraparound sunglasses, etc.

Keep baby’s toys: Pack stuffed animal toys, board games, dolls and action figures, pre-school toys, arts and craft-making kit, children’s books, etc. They will help you to keep your baby engaged and creative at the same time, and will give you some time to romance.

Mind the sleeping needs: Sleep is directly related to the health and well-being of your kid. Keep a soft baby mattress, cushions, and blackout shades in your travel bag. If reaching your destination takes 4 to 5 hours or beyond, take some rest before you start exploring the place. It will help not just your kid to rejuvenate but also you to freshen up and make the best of your travel.

Do not miss vaccines/booster dose: If your baby ages 5 years or above, get him or her vaccinated against COVID-19 with a CDC-approved vaccine. COVID-19 vaccine boosters can further enhance or restore protection that might have decreased over time after your primary series vaccination.

Adding all these baby items means adding more baggage. So, when planning air travel, check the baggage allowances and extra charges before booking a flight. Mind the baggage rules means the dimension of the bags that you can keep as carry-on or check-in to avoid any last-minute surprises. If you are a parent and booking flight tickets now, talk to our experts to know the best airfares that will meet your travel needs.

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