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5 Best Areas & Neighborhoods


Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. However, its size is not why many people come to this city. It offers many things to visitors and residents, ranging from best attraction sites to accommodations facilities. Your trip to this city is worth it!

If you have Zurich on your travel itinerary, you should know the best area and neighborhoods to stay in. Fortunately, there are many great places in Zurich. The city has tons of friendly places with lots of fun things to make your holiday memorable. Some of them are located right next to the Zurich Airport. Some are located near the top landmarks in the city.

This article focuses on the best places to stay in Zurich for tourists and all types of visitors. But before we give you detailed information, let’s present some facts about Zurich City.

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An Overview of Zurich City, Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland Skyline

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. It is the administrative headquarters of the canton of Zurich. The city is located in the North-Central and on the northwestern side of Lake Zurich.

Zurich City sits on an area of 12,000 square miles and about 1.4 million residents by 2022. Zurich experiences rapid population growth, with the number only expected to increase in the coming years.

The Zurich metropolitan area has a diverse ethnic composition, with more than one-third being immigrants. Italians, Portuguese, German, and Balkans make up the highest percentage of immigrants in the city.

This city is one of the greenest in the world. Its green space extends to the shores of Lake Zurich. Here, you find attractive public parks that stretch to the slopes of Zurichberg.

Zurich Skyline and Lake

The city also has a rich cultural and architectural heritage. Its architectural features extend along the banks of the Limmat River, which originates from Lake Zurich and runs through the city center to the western side.

Zurich remains largely historic. That is evident in the well-preserved structures at Altstadt or Old Town.

Some sections also showcase architectural masterpieces, including the Romanesque Grossmünster built in the 700s. It also has St. Peter’s Church built in the 13th Century and many other houses and patrician residences.

Some notable buildings in Zurich City include the following:

Over the years, Zurich has become an upmarket banking city and the financial capital. It is famous for its high-end lifestyle, shopping, and nightlife.

The city may be the most expensive in Switzerland, but you can still have fun for free!

Best Neighborhoods and Places to Stay in Zurich

Despite the seemingly expensive lifestyle in the city, you can find life in the city fun and fulfilling without breaking the bank.

Visiting the city will help you relive different worlds and ages in many museums and art galleries in Zurich. And if you are not a historian and want more outdoor activity, you can take a dip in Lake Zurich and the Limmat River.

In other words, there are countless fun activities for people in Zurich. However, if you’re planning a visit you should know the best places to stay in Zurich, Switzerland.

Here’s some detailed information on the Zurich neighborhoods with hotels and rentals. We will also highlight how best to go around the city to various attractions and other adventures.

Altstadt (Old Town)

Altstadt Cityscape

The central location of Altstadt makes it the preferred choice for first-timers. If you are looking for the best place to stay in historic Zurich while exploring the city, Altstadt is where to be.

Altstadt has a rich historical background and significance, the original city of Zurich before its incorporation in 1893. It also has the Limmat River that passes through it.

Altstadt in the city center features pedestrian-only streets with architectural masterpieces on both sides. When you choose to stay here, you can walk along the streets and stop by the clubs, theaters, and shops that line the streets.

Altstadt is also one of the best places to stay in Zurich if you are a historian. Its history dates back to the pre-Roman times. As a result, it has the best ancient attractions in town, consisting of the Roman castle and the hypocaust.

Altstadt, Zurich Streets

The old town is the best place to stay in Zurich for tourists because it never runs short of landmarks and attractions. The list is long, but let us just mention a few and the most common ones.

  • The Musée Visionnaire
  • Kulturhaus Helferei
  • Cabaret Voltaire Art Center
  • Giacometti Murals
  • Centralhof Monument
  • Museum Bärengasse
  • The main city library (the Zentralbibliothek Zürich)
  • The Zunftstadt History Museum
  • The Helmhaus Art Museum
  • Grossmünster Church
  • Predigerkirche Church
  • St Peter’s Church
  • Zurich Opera House
  • Zurich Town Hall
  • Strauhof (Literature Museum)
  • Zurich’s Toy Museum(Zürcher Spielzeugmuseum)
  • Kecinsturlin Gate
  • Augustinian Monastery


The best way to explore attraction sites in the old town as a first-timer is to consider a tour company. Though you can move around with public transport, it can never be as efficient and fun if you have a local tour guide to show you the best place.

Also, you may not know the entrance fees at various attraction sites. You are in Zurich to enjoy, and a guided tour guarantees that.

Best Place to Stay in Zurich Old Town

Zurich has some of the best hotels for every budget. Accommodation services are never a problem when Altstadt is your where to stay in Zurich. Besides, you can also find rentals if you need privacy or have a family.  

Budget Hotels in Altstadt
Apartments Swiss Star Marc Aurel
Apartments Swiss Star Marc Aurel Building
image by

Address: Badenerstrasse 362, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland

This hotel is conveniently located in the city center. It is housed in the Zurich Town House just a few meters from the Letzigrund stadium. Apartments Swiss Star Marc Aurel stands out because of its contactless self-check-in services and self-catered, fully furnished apartments.

Swiss Star Apartments West End
Swiss Star Apartments West End Room
image by Kayak

Address: Weststrasse 152, 8003 Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

The Swiss Star West End guest house is located in Wiedikon, just about a mile from Helvetia Square, Bahnhofstrasse, and Letzigrund Stadium. Its amenities include cable satellite TV, free WiFi, toiletries, a hairdryer, etc. Guests here can enjoy all attractions in Old Town.

Mid-Range Hotels in Altstadt
Mercure Stoller Zurich

Address: Badenerstrasse 357, Wiedikon, 8003 Zürich, Switzerland

If you like traveling with your pet buddy, choose this hotel. It is rated 8.3 out of 10, but it should have a higher score given its convenient location and amenities. This traditional hotel is a 10-minute ride from Zurich Main Station and the Zurich city center. It features an on-site restaurant serving Swiss cuisine.

Olympia Hotel Zurich

Address: Badenerstrasse 324, Aussersihl, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland

This hotel features a bar, allergy-free rooms, and free wireless internet throughout the property. All rooms are fully furnished with essentials, and guests are served a continental or buffet breakfast. It provides quick access to the Swiss National Museum and other attractions in the old town.

Luxury Hotels in Altstadt
B2 Boutique Hotel + Spa

Address: Brandschenkenstrasse 152, Enge, 8002 Zürich, Switzerland

The hotel is close to the city center and offers modern, AC rooms. Guests can also enjoy a public thermal bath and spa services at additional costs. Other on-premise amenities include a library and a lounge.

Hotel Schweizerhof Zurich

Address: Bahnhofplatz 7, City Center, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

This is one of the hotels in Zurich that offer sound-proofed rooms and electrically adjustable beds. Additionally, Hotel Schweizerhof Zurich has high-speed internet and an in-house restaurant. It is located opposite the Zurich Main Station and easily accessible from the international airport Zurich-Kloten.

Rentals in Altstadt
Rentals in Altstadt Building
image by Kayak

If you travel as a family or want privacy, hotels may not be the best option. Fortunately, the old town has rentals. They are cool places to stay in Zurich.

In particular, we recommend Visionapartments Zurich Gerechtigkeitsgasse. This is a spacious apartment with close access to shopping centers and museums. It is home away from home.

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Enge-Kreis 2 (District 2)

Enge, Zurich Station

Enge is the best place to stay in Zurich for travelers with families. If your love for the family is so great that you cannot leave them behind, Enge offers you the best area to stay during your visit to Zurich.

Enge is located south of Old Town, along the Lake Zurich shores. This place is the traveler’s favorite spot because of its vibrant lifestyle and outdoor activities.

Enge has an abundance of green space that will make you connect with nature. Besides, there is an Arboretum, swimming beaches, and a botanical garden. Any outdoor enthusiast cannot dispute Enge as one of the cool places to stay in Zurich.

Lake Zurich

For historians, spending some time at the FIFA WORLD Football Museum and Rietberg Museum can be worth it! You can also stretch to the nearby Old Town for more museums and landmarks that depict the country’s history.

Enge is home to many parks for adventure and exploration. It is best known for Rieterpark and Belvoirpark.

You will also get additional attractions if you move further to the north. A UNESCO World Heritage site, The Prehistoric Pile Dwellings Around the Alps, is located here. The Synagogue Zurich Lowenstrasse is also worth your time. It is the oldest synagogue in the city.

Lake Zurich and Skyline

Where to Stay in Enge

Enge has the best areas to stay in Zurich city center if you want to enjoy a wide range of activities, enjoy photographic views of Lake Zurich, and take boat trips. You can also have fun at the world-renowned arts festivals. Luckily, it has some of the best Zurich hotels.

Budget Hotels in Enge
Residence Mutschellen

Address: Mutschellenstrasse 6, Enge, 8002 Zürich, Switzerland

Residence Mutschellen is one of the cheap hotels in Enge with excellent accommodation services. It is a few steps from Zurich Brunau Train Station and Lake Zurich. Residence Mutschellen offers AC studios and apartments with free high-speed internet.

Swiss Star Aussersihl

Address: Morgartenstrasse 15, Aussersihl, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland

This is a self-check-in hotel located in a quiet location and well-served by a road network. It is close to the Sihl Promenade. All apartments feature a kitchen and bathroom, and every guest gets excellent housekeeping service.

Mid-Range Hotels in Enge
Glärnischhof by TRINITY
Glärnischhof by TRINITY Building
image by

Address: Claridenstrasse 30, Enge, 8022 Zürich, Switzerland

It is located just half a kilometer from the city center and close to some of the best tourist attractions in the area. You can easily access the Tonhalle concert hall and Lake Zurich from this hotel for some outdoor fun. All rooms are well furnished. Guests can also access Zurich airport services and on-premise amenities.

Hotel Glärnisch Hof

Address: Glärnischstrasse 64, 8810 Horgen, Switzerland

This hotel is located in the village of Horgen, just a few meters from Lake Zurich. You can stay here because it offers a large terrace and spectacular lake views. The rooms also have all facilities that will ensure a comfortable stay.

Luxury Hotels in Enge
Park Hyatt Zurich

Address: Beethovenstrasse 21, Enge, 8002 Zürich, Switzerland

This hotel is one of the best hotels in Enge for visitors who wants more comfort and luxury. Park Hyatt Zurich is located at the Zurich City Center and a few steps away from the Old Town, Lake Zurich, and the fashionable Bahnhofstrasse shopping street.

Baur au Lac

Address: Talstrasse 1, City Center, 8024 Zürich, Switzerland

The hotel is in a private park and offers spectacular views of the lake. Baur au Lac is highly rated for its amenities, including free WiFi, garden, bar, fitness center, in-house restaurants, etc.

Rentals in Enge

Enge also has some deluxe apartments for rentals that offer the best vacation experience. You can search for your preferred property at VRBO. Some are on a budget, while others are more expensive. However, both ensure a comfortable stay in Zurich.

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Zurich West

You might be traveling to Zurich on a tight budget. If that is the case, the good news is that you can stay in Zurich West with fewer worries.

Zurich West is one of the areas in the city with a vibrant nightlife. It features artists’ lofts, galleries, and high-end flats converted from a renovated former warehouse district. It has become the trendiest and hippest spot in this area.

Zurich West was formerly for business. However, it has since transformed into a shopping, dining, and housing hub. Everything is now booming in this part of the city.

Zurich West has become the go-to place for first-time shoppers. It attracts city residents and international tourists who come to Zurich on a tight budget. Unlike other neighborhoods in the city, life in Zurich West is cheaper. Every commodity has a reasonable price tag, including accommodation and goods.

The main tourist attractions in Zurich West include the Prime Tower, the Museum of Digital Art, and unique cuisines offered at various restaurants.

Where to Stay in Zurich West

Zurich West has some of the best hotels to consider for accommodation. Unlike other neighborhoods, most properties here are more affordable.

Budget Hotels in Zurich West
Pension FurDich

Address: Stauffacherstrasse 141, Aussersihl, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland

The hotel is about 2 kilometers from the Zurich City Center and accessible by bus from the Main Train Station. Pension FurDich offers well-furnished rooms, all of which have private bathrooms, and some rooms have balconies. Pension FurDich has an in-house café and Bistro.

Ibis budget Zurich City West

Address: Technoparkstrasse 2, Escher Wyss, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland

This is one of the best budget hotels in Zurich West. The ibis budget Zurich City West is accessible by public transport from the city center and Zurich Main Station. Despite the affordability, the hotel still keeps its rooms cozy and guests comfortable and satisfied.

Mid-Range Hotels in Zurich West
Renaissance Zurich Tower Hotel

Address: Turbinenstrasse 20, Escher Wyss, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland

This boutique hotel is close to the Mobimo Tower. Other facilities such as clubs and corporate offices are only a walking distance away. The rooms are elegantly designed with floor-to-ceiling windows for the best views.

Novotel Zurich City West

Address: Schiffbaustrasse 13, Turbinenplatz, Escher Wyss, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland

The Novotel has some of the best rooms with an onsite restaurant to serve guests. Guests here also access a private swimming pool and high-speed wireless internet.

Luxury Hotels in Zurich West
Sheraton Zürich Hotel

Address: Pfingstweidstrasse 100, Escher Wyss, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland

The hotel is located in a lively area featuring many shops, bars, and restaurants. Sheraton Zürich Hotel rooms are air-conditioned, spacious, and have all the amenities, including free WiFi. You can also reach Zurich Train Station, Lake Zurich, and other places by a few-minutes-drive.

25hours Hotel Zürich West

Address: Pfingstweidstrasse 102, Escher Wyss, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland

If the Swiss Prime Tower is your focus, 25hours Hotel Zürich West is your ideal choice. It offers colorfully decorated and well-equipped rooms that offer everything you need. Guests can enjoy a free top-floor sauna and the best cuisines at the in-house restaurant.

Rentals in Zurich West

This neighborhood also offers the best rentals. You can get the best Airbnb in Zurich west for groups or families, which require spacious rooms and are accessible by public transport. Check out this 3BR Loft close to museums, shops, and the river.

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Riesbach (District 8)

Riesbach lies on the eastern shore of Zurich Lake. It is one of the best places to stay in Zurich if you have kids. This neighborhood is quiet and has many parks where kids can spend their evenings and appreciate the trip to Zurich.

Most visitors who choose to stay in Riesbach do so because of Quaianlagen. It consists of panoramic views along Zurich Lake, and visitors have the chance to take trips to the lake.

Riesbach also has a historical significance. It is the first place in the city where men and women bathed together.

In addition to bathing and boat rides in Riesbach, the place also has many other tourist attractions. They include the following:

  • Klaus Stud pillar
  • Henry Moore “Sheep Piece” sculpture
  • Heidi Weber Art Museum
  • Chinese Garden Zurich
  • Zurichhorn park
  • Seefeld lakeshore parks
  • Pavillon Le Corbusier
  • Mühlebach quarter
  • Heimatschutzzentrum
  • Villa Patumbah

Many people who want to stay in Zurich choose Riesbach because of its local atmosphere and interest in historical bathhouses. This less-developed area attracts fans of sculpture, museums, and quays from far and beyond. You can also choose it for the same reasons.

Where to Stay in Riesbach

Riesbach has many hotels to choose from according to your budget. Let’s briefly discuss a few of them to help you decide where to stay in Zurich.

Budget Hotels in Riesbach
easyHotel Zürich Limmatplatz

Address: Heinrichstrasse 122, Escher Wyss, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland

The easyHotel is about 2 Km from the National Museum. Other nearby places include Grossmünster, Bahnhofstrasse, Fraumünster, and ETH Zurich. All rooms in this facility have a private bathroom, a hairdryer, TV, and bed linen.

Mid-Range Hotels in Riesbach
Hotel Seegarten

Address: Seegartenstrasse 14, Seefeld, 8008 Zürich, Switzerland

This hotel is not far from the city center and a walking distance of Lake Zurich, Zurich Opera House, and Bahnhofstrasse. Hotel Seegarten is the visitor’s favorite because most attractions are on sight.

City Stay Furnished Apartments

Address: Kieselgasse 2, Seefeld, 8008 Zürich, Switzerland

The hotel features modern and self-catered accommodation rooms with free WiFi. The rooms also have entertainment systems and other essentials. City Stay Furnished Apartments is accessible from a bust stop, just a few steps away.

Luxury Hotels in Riesbach
Signau House & Garden Boutique Hotel

Address: 6 Signaustrasse, Seefeld, 8008 Zürich, Switzerland

This hotel is close to Zurich Opera House and offers accommodation services. It features a bar, private parking, a shared lounge, and a garden. It also boasts family rooms and a guest-friendly atmosphere.

Alden Suite Hotel Splugenschloss Zurich

Address: Splugenstrasse 2, Enge, 8002 Zürich, Switzerland

A 5-star hotel with well-furnished rooms that offers gym equipment upon request. Guests are treated in Alden Suite Hotel with a welcome drink and newspaper.

Rentals in Riesbach

Discover vacation rentals in Riesbach that are perfect for your trip from VRBO. They are the best choice if you travel as a group or family. You get more privacy and well-furnished rooms, including free internet access and air conditioning.

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Langstrasse (District 4)

If you like vibrant nightlife, choose Langstrasse as the best place to stay in Zurich. The streets here are lined with bars and clubs that open till morning. It is the best choice if you like partying.

Langstrasse is located to the east of Altstadt. It is also called Kreis or Chreis Cheib because of the purpose it served before the 18th Century. The term essentially means “animal cadaver”. That is because of the many pits in Langstrasse used for disposing of dead animals.

Langstrasse also has carnivals and Latin festivals throughout the year. That’s why it is the best choice for nightlife. No night will be boring. You can unwind at various night spots after visiting nearby attractions all day.

Nearby attractions to visit in Langstrasse include the following:

  • Kasernenareal park
  • Bäckeranlage
  • Jeansmuseum
  • Swiss National Museum
  • Swiss Exchange
  • Zurich Christmas Market
  • Urania Observatory

Where to Stay in Langstrasse

Langstrasse has the best places to stay in Zurich. Being a vibrant neighborhood, it never lacks hotels and rentals for visitors.

Budget Hotels in Langstrasse
Swiss Star Longstreet

Address: Langstrasse 213, Escher Wyss, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland

Look no further for a budget hotel in Langstrasse because this will meet all your needs. Its modern rooms and apartments all come with an entertainment system and free internet. The Swiss Star hotel also boasts a contactless self-check-in.

Hotel Gregory

Address: Schöneggstrasse 6, Aussersihl, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland

The budget hotel is located at the corner of Militarstrasse and Langstrasse street. Though not a complex facility, all its rooms are designed for comfort. Hotel Gregory also has an in-house pub and private car park.

Mid-Range Hotels in Langstrasse
Zurich Furnished Homes

Address: Schimmelstrasse 6, Aussersihl, 8003 Zürich, Switzerland

Consider this hotel if you need more privacy and space. Its modern rooms are well-furnished with everything you expect in your home to ensure guests are comfortable.

Hotel Montana Zürich

Address: Konradstrasse 39, Escher Wyss, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland

Business travelers can consider Hotel Montana because of its central location. It is on a quiet street and a few steps from Zurich’s Main Train Station. All rooms are modernized and well-furnished.

Luxury Hotels in Langstrasse
25hours Hotel Langstrasse

Address: Langstrasse 150, Aussersihl, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland

This hotel boasts a 240hour front desk, free internet access, air conditioning, modern rooms, and all other things you expect in a luxury hotel. On-premise amenities include a restaurant, fitness center, and a gift shop.

Boutique Hotel Helvetia

Address: Stauffacherquai 1, Aussersihl, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland

The Boutique Hotel is located in the city center and at the Sihl River. Zurich’s Main Train Station is just a few steps away. Guests here enjoy free internet access, modern Swiss cuisine, and free access to the Indigo fitness club.

Rentals in Langstrasse

You can consider this Stauffacher HITrental Apartment that can sleep 4 guests. It is ideal for couples or small groups. But if you have a larger one, you can find the right property on the VRBO website. You can never miss a rental home that meets your requirements and budget.

Getting Around Zurich

Zurich has a good network of roads and reliable public transport you can use to get around the city. There are bus stations in all the best places to stay in Zurich, including attractions. That is also supplemented by airport shuttles that take visitors from the airport to their various stations.

You can also use railway services if there is a rail line and a station where you stay. Many people board from the Main Train Station to their various destinations.

But if you want ultimate convenience, you can rent a car in Zurich to help you move around the city. At will readily find cars in Zurich that you can book at an affordable price.


Which area should I stay in Zurich?

The best places to stay in Zurich for visitors and first-time travelers are the neighborhoods of the city center. They include Enge, Zurich Old Town, Zur[ich West, Riesbach, Altstadt, and others. Select where to stay in this city according to your lifestyle.

Is Zurich a lively city?

Yes. Many people think Zurich is a banking city with financial transactions, but that is not the reality. Many of its neighborhoods have a vibrant nightlife, with streets littered with bars, pubs, clubs, and restaurants. There are also carnivals and Latin festivals.

Where do families live in Zurich?

Families choose the quiet neighborhoods in Zurich. Consider Enge because of its abundant green space, including parks for kids.

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