June 23, 2024


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A Guide to Holidays in Playa Taurito, Gran Canaria

If you are looking for a tranquil beach holiday this year, where the most strenuous activity you’ll face is re-applying the suntan lotion, then look no further. Playa Taurito is the perfect place for a beach holiday. Situated to the north west of the island, Playa Taurito is near enough to Puerto Rico to provide a change of pace and also lies next to the picturesque fishing villiage of Puerto Mogan.

Families and couples love Playa Taurito because you don’t need to fill every minute of the day with adrenaline-busting excitement. Kids are content to just play in the sand or wade in surf and parents are happy to just relax in the sun and let time drift by. The beach is an absolute gem and the sea is safe for children as it’s protected by two wind-breaking cliffs.

The Playa Taurito Lido is open to the public and lies a short distance from the beach. The tropical flowers and palms make this a wonderfully relaxing place to be, and the bars are a welcome alternative to the beach.

Playa Taurito has some charming hotels you can stay at, that offers the very best that Gran Canaria has to offer. The Playa Taurito Princess hotel overlooks the beach and the Playa Taurito lido so it is a good location in which to stay in. The Playa Taurito Princess hotel offers some of the best all-inclusive deals around, so everything is catered for and the beach is the only thing you’ll have to leave the hotel for!

Unlike some of the other, busier resorts in Gran Canaria, in Playa Taurito, most people are happy to stay in their hotels of a night because most offer entertainment. However, the beach bars and restaurants are always good fun and it’s nice to sit in a relaxing atmosphere and welcome in the night with a glass or two of sangria and the sound of the waves in the background.