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As you pack your summer vacation bag, these tablets are best for travel


Which tablets are best for travel and why?

Revenge travel is a thing. People want to make up for all the time they lost over these past couple of years by having a luxury vacation. Whether beaches, mountains or even a foreign country is your destination this year, you’ll want to pack accordingly. For many, that means bringing essential gadgets.

A tablet is ideal because it can do anything your laptop can and more. But not all tablets are ideal for travel. Size and weight can make the difference between convenience and burden, for instance, so you want to be sure you have a suitable model for travel.

Summer vacation essentials

When you go on a vacation, you need to pack a temporary life. This includes everything you need to live while you are gone. Some of us think we require a lot more than we really do. Others never bring enough. As with nearly everything, balance is the answer. Still, with summer, besides undergarments, toiletries, appropriate clothing, medicines and money, there are a few unique items you need to fit in your suitcase.

  • Sunscreen
  • Lip balm
  • Sandals
  • Bathing suits
  • Towels
  • A hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Beach toys
  • Entertainment

Why bring a tablet on vacation?

If you have everything on your phone, you might wonder why you even need to bring a tablet on vacation. You probably don’t need a tablet if it’s just a day trip or even a weekend. However, once you get into the territory of staying for a week or more, you’ll find a tablet comes in handy.

Stream entertainment

There was a time when going on vacation meant you had access to things like movies and cable channels that you couldn’t get at home. Now, as long as you have connectivity and a device, you can access nearly any movie or TV show you want to watch, no matter where you are, even on a camping trip. A tablet has a larger screen than your phone, so it is much easier on your eyes, and more than one person can view it simultaneously.

Unlimited reading

With access to online books, you no longer have to worry about packing enough reading material for the entire trip. Even better, if you pick a book that doesn’t meet your expectations, you aren’t stuck finishing it. You can just move on and find a real page-turner.

Create in the moment

One of the best ways to get your creative juices flowing is to have a change of scenery. New locations spark new ideas. If you bring your tablet along, you don’t have to wait until you get home to let the muse take control. You can start creating when you are inspired. This can be writing poetry, drawing, composing a song or even finally starting that great American novel or screenplay that’s been living inside you for many years.

Pretend you aren’t on vacation

If you’re one of the many people working remotely, you know that you’re not limited to only working at home. With a tablet and connectivity, your boss doesn’t have to know you are finishing your work with your toes in the sand and a cool drink by your side. You could go away for weeks at a time and not have to worry about using up any of your PTO.



The first and foremost thought when packing is space. Fortunately, a tablet doesn’t take up much room, so it is easy to take anywhere. If screen size isn’t vital, you can purchase a tablet that isn’t much larger than a book. According to the FAA, a tablet is an approved carry-on item if you are flying, so you don’t even have to pack it in your luggage. 


Weight is one thing you shouldn’t worry about with a tablet. Even the heaviest model will weigh less than two pounds, so that shouldn’t impact your packing.

Consider purchasing a tablet case

If you are going to be traveling with your tablet, even if it is water-resistant, dustproof and shockproof, it is best to put it in a tablet case. Not only will the case give you peace of mind when trying to cram your device in that already overfilled suitcase, but the best models add functionality, such as a keyboard or a stand that props the screen up for easy viewing.


To be of value on your vacation, the tablet you get needs to be able to do what you want it to do. While most models are fairly universal, make sure suitable apps are available. You don’t want to get to your destination and find you can’t open that urgent Word document from work.


If you plan ahead then connectivity won’t be as big of a deal. Yes, you will need to touch base with your work and stay connected via Slack or Discord, but you can do that on your phone. As far as entertainment goes, many streaming apps, such as Netflix, have a download option. This means you can download content before you leave, so you won’t have to worry about setting up a hot spot and having a strong signal. However, it does mean you will need a tablet with enough internal storage to download everything you want to watch and read while on vacation.


While everyone has a different level of comfort, there is a greater risk of damage or theft while traveling. When going on vacation, you might have greater peace of mind knowing that you are bringing along an item that only costs a few hundred dollars, not a few thousand.

Best tablets for summer vacation

Apple iPad Pro 12.9-Inch Tablet

Apple iPad Pro 12.9-Inch Tablet

If you want a high-end tablet that gives you the best experience, whether you are creating, streaming, working or whatever, this is the model you should consider. It is pricier, so only go with this option if you can protect it from damage while enjoying your fun in the sun.

Sold by Amazon and Staples

HP Tablet 11-be0097nr

HP Tablet 11-be0097nr

Not only can you get work done on vacation, you can use this tablet as a camera. It has a rotatable 13-megapixel high-res camera and comes with a kickstand that supports the 11-inch tablet in either portrait or landscape mode.

Sold by HP

Microsoft Surface Go 3

Microsoft Surface Go 3

The Surface is Microsoft’s innovative model that helped change the mobile computing game. It is reasonably priced and highly versatile. The battery lasts up to 11 hours and has a USB-C port and a headphone jack. If you have to get work done, ​​Word, Excel and PowerPoint all work on this tablet.

Sold by Amazon and Staples

Lenovo Tab P11 Plus Tablet

Lenovo Tab P11 Plus Tablet

This is a great option for travel because it has a large 11-inch display and Dolby Atmos Quad speakers to deliver a premium streaming experience, no matter where you are. It is a versatile and affordable option.

Sold by Lenovo

Fire HD 10 Kids Pro Tablet

Fire HD 10 Kids Pro Tablet

This model is very highly recommended for travel because its trademark kid-proof case makes it an extremely rugged device. It also comes with a two-year worry-free guarantee, which means the company will replace your tablet if it does happen to break.

Sold by Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Android Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Android Tablet

Samsung is a recognized name in quality devices. This tablet is best for Android fan. It is thin and light but has a smaller screen at 8 inches. This makes it great for travel but not ideal for viewing content with another person unless you like snuggling.

Sold by Amazon, Dell and Staples

Hyundai HYtab Pro 8LA1 8-Inch Tablet

Hyundai HYtab Pro 8LA1 8-Inch Tablet

The Hyundai is another small, affordable tablet that is tiny enough to be taken anywhere. This device runs on Android 11, which is about 20% faster than Android 10, making it a good choice for vacation streaming. The tablet features an expandable microSD slot that supports up to 128GB of additional storage.

Sold by Staples

Amazon Fire 7 Tablet

Amazon Fire 7 Tablet

The most affordable tablet just got an upgrade. The new 12th generation model has twice the RAM of the previous Fire 7 and it is 30% faster. At just 7 inches, it is also the smallest. This makes it an excellent choice for an individual looking for a budget offering that is easy to pack.

Sold by Amazon and Dell


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