July 18, 2024


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Barbados Food Tripping – A Delectable Bajan Experience in Travel Hotels

If you are planning to have a wonderful and relaxing vacation to take your troubles away, set sail to east of the Caribbean Seas. Your vacation destination is the heavily British influenced tropical Island of Barbados. Known also as “Little England”, the island offers beautiful places to visit and scrumptious food to taste and enjoy.

One of the best things to enjoy in a vacation is indulging to want your stomach craves for, “Eat heartily” as they say. In this West Indian continental-island country tourists have a buffet of food to choose from. Barbados Travel Hotels and local restaurants serve the finest “Bajan” Cuisine for every hungry tourist who wants a mouth watering dining experience.

“Bajan” is the colloquial term for Barbadians. Many tourists travel to this tropical island for the sight seeing, water activities, gardening and other fun filled activities. That is why the local restaurants offer a variety of food to serve to their hungry foreign guests after all of those activities. So what is on the Menu?

One of the sources of family income in the island is breeding pigs; their pigs are very well taken care of which is why the meat coming from these pigs are very succulent and delicious. Meat lovers will have their stomachs full in this tropical country. They can choose from stewed down pork chops, roasted pork with diamonds of crackling, baked ham and other pork cuisine.

For vegetarian tourists, there are many meat free dishes they can enjoy. Lime juice is often used for seasoning vegetables in this country. Okras are served sprinkled with fresh lime juice; Asparagus are also splashed with lime juice and sautéed in butter. Pumpkin fritters are ideal for those who have a taste for something sweet and spicy. The continental island also has a variety of unusual vegetables. Another popular veggie dish also is Christophene. It is a sugarless member of the melon family which is often served with cheese sauce. Plantain maybe unappealing when it is raw but once prepared the Bajan way it is a delicious treat. Plantain is a member of the banana family and it is usually wrapped in bacon and baked, a must try for all tourists.

Chicken is often stuffed with Bajan seasoning. It is a blend of spices and herbs which includes: black pepper, paprika, salt, thyme, marjoram, spring onions, onions, garlic, parsley, basil, scotch bonnet, and clove. Baked Chicken with eclipse crackers is one of must taste chicken cuisine of the island.

A meal is not complete if you don not end it with a dessert. For those who a sweet tooth you can choose from Tamarind balls, peanut brittle and guava cheese. There are also pastries like baked custard, Chocolate icebox pudding, lemon meringue pie and the country’s most common dessert is the traditional Coconut bread.

There are many delicious dishes in this Caribbean Island and everyone will surely have their own favorite. So if you are visiting the country make sure to drop by any local restaurants and Barbados Travel Hotels and enjoy Bajan cuisine.