June 21, 2024


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Casa Alternavida – A Day Inside One of Puerto Rico’s Premier Wellness Retreats


Not too long ago we experienced the fortune to expertise a continue to be at a person of Puerto Rico’s premier wellness retreats, Casa Alternavida. The name approximately translates to residence of the alternative daily life due to the fact they believe you can equilibrium everyday living, do the job, and almost everything about by yourself in more healthy, choice means. Leo Tolstoy’s 1877 novel Anna Karenina commences- “All happy households are alike each and every not happy family is disappointed in its have way.” The same is correct for balanced, pleased life, and there is no escaping it since everything is linked if you consider in a holistic philosophy.

Imagine it or not, the way you brush your tooth is linked to your deepest hopes, fears, and dreams. This realization is terrifying and liberating at the same time for the reason that you don’t have to leap into the depths of your soul to explore what is trying to keep you from achieving your aims. You could map your psyche with a deep exploration of your oral cleanliness, although that is each hard and tiresome. As a substitute, Casa Alternavida creates areas and times for discovery with wholesome living and reconnecting to mother nature in a entertaining and stunning placing.

Join us as we just take you by a working day at Casa Alternavida to see how they assist facilitate quieting the muddle in your head, make chances for enlightenment, and offer insights to assistance unravel those unconscious commitments and personalized stories keeping you back.


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