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Choeng Mon Beach Koh Samui {Travelers Guide}


 Choeng Mon Beach Koh Samui Travel Guide

Post Last Modified – June 10, 2022

A Travelers Guide To Choeng Mon Beach In Koh Samui Thailand

After spending a few days in the City of Bangkok, we made the quick and convenient flight over to the 🏝 Island of Koh Samui. We selected a quaint beachfront hotel located on 🏖 Choeng Mon Beach.

We were looking for a more peaceful, more quiet beach destination on the island. We also wanted to be within easy reach to other parts of the island, day or night. 

Choeng Mon Beach seemed perfect fit for us!

First, check out this short 📹 video offering a glimpse of this picturesque beach, located in a quiet secluded bay on the island.

Koh Samui Attractions Choeng Mon Beach – YouTube Video


Choeng Mon Beach – One Of The Many Beautiful Beaches In Koh Samui

The village of Choeng Mon and the it’s beach, is located on the most north eastern tip of the island. It’s within minutes of Koh Samui’s absolutely beautiful private ✈ airport. 

Without a doubt and after traveling to many parts of the world, this small airport is stunning! 

Koh Samui Airport

Koh Samui Thailand Airport

From its beautiful 💐 gardens to 🐟 fish aquariums in the restrooms, it was a wonderful surprise and welcome to this – 🏝 Island in Paradise!

Upon arriving at the airport, we quickly and easily made a deal with a local 🚕 taxi driver, to take us to our beach front hotel. 

Be sure to check out my post and photos on the 🌅 Samui Honey Cottages.

This is a small, family owned and operated beachfront resort located right on the beach!

Perfect! 🙂

You can easily walk the length of the beach in about 10 minutes. Not too big and not too small to stretch your legs and go for a short walk.  The Bay is calm and water is sandy and shallow, making it perfect for those traveling with small children.

Choeng Mon Beach

Visit Choeng Mon Beach In Koh Samui Thailand

One should be aware of the nasty Sea Lice that sneak up on you like a pesky mosquito! 

We had never experienced this before and occasionally when swimming, you would feel a pin prick type sensation. 

Sea Lice affect some people and don’t seem to bother others. 

We did notice them more in the warmer parts of the water and did find areas to swim where we were not bothered by them at all.

Unique Family Friendly Hotels

Choeng Mon Beach Hotel

The beach is lined with resorts and restaurants ranging from modest 2 to 3 star accommodations, with a more luxurious resort on the far end of the beach.

The choice is yours and within easy reach, one can find even less expensive hostels and rooms to suit most any person’s budget.

Themed Hotel Bungalows

Choeng Mon Beach Hotels

We also enjoyed our afternoon lunch and snacks from the various Beach Vendors that appear on the beach. 

Friendly locals preparing …

 ✔ BBQ Fish and Chicken

✔ BBQ Corn on the Cob

✔ Delicious Spring Rolls

✔ Freshly prepared Doughnuts

✔ Ice Cream

Beach Vendors are very popular among tourists and locals alike on most all beaches on the island.

Friendly Beach Vendors

Choeng Mon Beach Vendors

Enjoy A Massage or Manicure on Choeng Mon Beach

Another favorite and to be found on all beaches are the amazing Massage and Manicure Tents. A hugely popular attraction with prices that will absolutely surprise you! 

These are well trained individuals that will melt your stress and troubles away!  Another ‘must do’ beach attraction on this island!

The Thai people are among the most friendly I have ever met in the world thus far.  The Thai food is to die for as well. 🙂

We also discovered a wonderful quaint family run East Indian restaurant in the village as well!

Village of Choeng Mon

Choeng Mon Koh Samui Thailand

Choeng Mon Beach Town Center

The village of Choeng Mon is an easy 5 minute stroll from the beach, where you can find lovely restaurants, tailor shops, bars, convenience stores, banking and much more. 

After visiting the entire island and sampling the many restaurants, our favorites still were located in Choeng Mon village.

Convenience Stores and Tailor Shops

Choeng Mon Village Shops

Excellent Tailor Shops At Choeng Mon Beach

Tailor shops are very popular in Koh Samui with some outstanding tailors that will amaze and surprise you. 

Quality suits, shirts, dresses, all quickly and conveniently made with beautiful high quality materials, professionally tailored to your tastes at amazingly affordable prices! 

High Quality Tailor Shops

Koh Samui Tailor Shops

These shops are unique and many with extremely talented tailors you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else. 

If you are looking for quality tailor made clothing, then visiting one of these shops is a must when traveling to Koh Samui!

Superb Dining in Choeng Mon

Choeng Mon Village Restaurants

One of the highlights of any vacation is going out to dine in the evening.  Choeng Mon is no exception.

There is a variety of superb dining options in town and it didn’t take us long to discover out favorites!

Getting Around Choeng Mon Beach

Typical Songtaew Taxi Truck

Songtaew Taxi Thailand

What pleasantly surprised us and after reading reviews before arriving to the island, getting around the island most anywhere, is easy and affordable.  

The choice is yours, from motorcycle taxi for one, regular taxi cabs to the most popular Songtaew Truck taxis;  they are all affordable and available most anytime day and night.

Prices are pretty standard, we did enjoy bartering with them and after a few trips one easily gets to know the standard prices to and from certain destinations on the island. 

A small tip is a wonderful gesture and many of the drivers are so appreciative of the gratuity received. 

A little goes a long way!

What also amazed me was how reliable most drivers were.  Many times we would be driven to a certain beach area and ask the driver to pick us up a few hours later. 

To our surprise, every driver appeared and was waiting for us to drive us home. 

A little gratuity for the friendly driver is definitely worth it!

Within 20 to 30 minutes, you can easily be at any of the most favorite destinations, beaches and towns on the island. 

They are all within easy reach and it is definitely worth exploring while visiting.  

Sunset on Choeng Mon Beach

Choeng Mon Beach Sunset

Situated in the Gulf of Thailand, getting to and from ✈ Bangkok to Koh Samui is easy and definitely an island worth checking out when visiting the magnificent country of Thailand.  

Final Thoughts Banner

It’s been a number of seasons since our visit, so I’ve added a couple of informative websites on Choeng Mon and Koh Samui for your convenience.

📖   Travel + Leisure – Koh Samui   

🌎   Lonely Planet – Ko Samui

Safe and Healthy Travels! 🙂

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