June 20, 2024


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Deluxe Motorhome Travel – An Emerging Trend for New Zealand Honeymoons

Seeing New Zealand with a motorhome is emerging as a popular choice for newlyweds with one New Zealand campervan renting business reporting more than 50% of rentals for its Bolero line of luxury motorhomes coming from honeymoon couples.

The trend for honeymoon couples to travel New Zealand by campervan is partly driven by the new luxury range of campervans now available for rent. These ultra-high spec “campervans” mean that camping, once too much of a compromise for many, now is a viable option. These motorhomes fulfill the needs of those wanting to get away from it all and have a luxury vacation at the same time.

Statistically over fifty percent of the demand for “South Island Travel’s” Bolero model of campervan comes from newlyweds on their honeymoon, with a big majority of them coming from the EU and beyond. On the average they’ll spend eighteen days tripping around the South Island, which is barely adequate time to see and experience the main points of interest the South Island offers.

New Zealand has much to offer newlyweds for their honeymoon, particularly the South Island.

The diverseness of the South Island’s geography and the range of experiences available on vacation there isn’t so well-known outside of New Zealand. An immense chain of mountains extend from Fiordland in the South, right along the length of this spectacularly picturesque island to the Abel Tasman National Park at the northern end with its golden sand beaches. Beautiful lakes are scattered everywhere, many vivid aqua others reflecting the magnificent mountains which rise from their desolate shores. In addition there are the West Coast Glaciers, pristine and deserted wind swept beaches, top class wineries, abundant sea life with dolphins, whales and seals living along the coast of Kaikoura and the opportunity to view rare and endangered species of dolphins and birds. Exhilaration is also on offer with the adrenalin pumping activities for which New Zealand has become famous such as bungee jumping, jet-boating and white-water rafting. For the somewhat less adventuresome the South Island has scenic cruises in Milford Sound and Helicopter rides into the mountains. The South Island also has a multitude of ski fields and some of the most reliable snow in the southern hemisphere.

Traveling New Zealand by campervan is a practical way to tour the country due to the flexibility it offers. At the height of the tourist season (December through to March) traditional accommodation such as Hotels, Motels and hostels must to be reserved well beforehand, particularly in the main holiday centers and in the southern end of the West Coast. As a result travelers have to keep to a fixed schedule; but those traveling by campervan are free from this inflexibility due to being able to use more abundant camping grounds.

There are a large number of great camping places to spend the evening or even stay for several days. It’s quite easy to find camping grounds right on the beach, in woodland or with some phenomenal views towards the mountains.

New Zealand is an outstanding country to travel using a motorhome. It’s natural and pure with scenic surprises around every corner. The deluxe campervans now offered by rental companies are allowing travelers to enjoy their evenings up close with nature while still having convenience and comfort. They give travelers flexibility to their travel itinerary. These are no doubt some of the reasons that newlyweds are choosing to rent motorhomes for their honeymoon in New Zealand.