June 21, 2024


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Find Cheap Flights to Dubai

Dubai’s government has recently announced the construction of a new airport in Jebel Ali called the Dubai World Central International Airport. It is expected upon completion to be the fourth largest airport in the world by size. Construction is expected to finish by the year 2017 and on completion, Dubai International Airport is expected to be able to accommodate up to 70 million passengers!

The number of flights coming out of North America to Dubai is somewhat limited at the moment, but Emirates and other airlines have been constantly coming out with new flight options. The cost of flying to Dubai can be quite costly unless you figure out where to look for the best deals. You have a few options to take if you’re flying for business or pleasure.

Emirates Airlines is your best bet for last minute deals on flights to Dubai, but they are scarce most times of the year. The recent demand for flights to the UAE has also seen the cost of seats skyrocket due to the rapidly growing business sector as well as the tourist hot spots.

Online travel vendors such as Expedia is always my second best bet for snagging a cheap flight to Dubai. I managed to find an even cheaper price through Expedia flying with Emirates when I went there last year on business. The key is to set a price goal and keep hunting everyday until you find a ticket that either fits your budget or comes close enough.

Lastly if you’re going on business and your company is sending you out east, you might want to look into last leg flights on a private jet. I’ve seen a lot of great seat sales through companies like Elite Jets and Stratos Jets, who also offer green private jets. Flying on a more eco friendly business jet allows you to save a little money since the fuel charges are not so high.

Expect options to open up rapidly in the next few years and Dubai continues to grow at an exponential rate. I’ve been hearing time and time again Dubai will be the next Vegas, and if that’s the truth then flights to Dubai will become dirt cheap.