June 10, 2023


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Four Amazing Tourist Attractions on the Island of Borneo

The island of Kalimantan, known as Borneo, is also recognized as the world’s lungs because it has a forest area of ​​40.8 million ha. Not only has a vast forest, but Kalimantan also has many unique and attractive features. Regarding tourism potential, Kalimantan offers several attractive tourist destinations.

List of Interesting Natural Tourist Attractions in Kalimantan

1. Borneo Floresta Natural Forest

Borneo Floresta Natural Forest is one of the jungles in Borneo, which is now a tourist attraction. For a tourist destination, this one is actually still relatively new. However, there are quite a lot of visitors who come there.

This forest tourism destination presents some outbound activities. There are Net Bridge, Buma Bridge, and Flying Fox. This facility will continue to be developed by building a jogging track and rock climbing that can be enjoyed by adult visitors.

2. Derawan Island

Derawan Island can be said to be one of the most beautiful places in Indonesia, especially for its underwater scenery. Here the coral reefs are stunning, so it is the only reason why Derawan Island is loved by many tourists.

Derawan Island has many tourist attractions that have no doubt about its beauty. Also, about 10 meters under the sea, there is a rock about 18 meters long named Blue Tiger Wall. Derawan Island is also a place for those who want to play with harmless jellyfish.

3. Bukit Kelam (Kelam hill)

Kalimantan not only has exotic underwater scenery but also charming land views. One of them is the Bukit Kelam. This is a tourist spot located in Sintang Regency, West Kalimantan.

Even though it is called a hill, this tourist attraction is actually a rock. However, it is quite large and surrounded by a green landscape. This place also displays other views that are no less spectacular. There are waterfalls and steep cliffs about 600 meters high and a natural cave in which there are many bats.

4. Tanjung Puting National Park

Tanjung Puting National Park, commonly abbreviated as TNTP, is one of the best national parks. This park covers 415,040 hectares and is known as the orangutan’s natural habitat. 

Not only has orangutans, but Tanjung Puting National Park also has the Sekonyer River, which can be crossed using a boat called a Klotok. This river is more suitable to be visited in the late afternoon. Because at this time, the exotic scenery will appear due to the reflection of the sunset. Apart from orangutans, various animals, such as deer and leopards, also live there.

Of course, Kalimantan still has many other attractions that are no less amazing. However, of the four tourist attractions above, which one is the most exciting for you to visit first?