June 19, 2024


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Greek Hospitality Industry Performance Q1 2022 – Hotel Magazine


In accordance to GBR Consulting, the top hospitality and tourism consultancy in Greece, the metropolitan areas of Athens and Thessaloniki have started to enter their post-pandemic recovery manner. 

The overall performance in the hospitality business in Greece reveals that domestic targeted traffic at the Athens Worldwide Airport is rebounding speedier than international traffic, reaching a degree of 78 % and 70 per cent, respectively, of what it was in 2019 in Q1 2022.

In contrast, the global website traffic at Thessaloniki’s airport seems to be recovering faster than that of Athens, peaking at 83 percent of 2019 amounts in March 2022, while domestic visitors reached a degree of 72 p.c. With targeted visitors forecasted to increase in March, the Thessaloniki hotel marketplace recorded a RevPAR of 80 per cent of the degree of 2019 in March 2022, though Athens attained a stage of 62 p.c of 2019 in the course of the exact same month.

In general, the Athens and Thessaloniki hotel markets acquired a RevPAR of € 28 in the course of Q1 2022. For Athens, that is drastically reduced than its intercontinental Mediterranean friends of Rome, Barcelona, Madrid and Istanbul. Additionally, the performance of Thessaloniki lagged behind several global competitive marketplaces other than for German places, which registered low occupancy and area costs in the course of the 1st quarter.

Town lodges exterior Athens and Thessaloniki attained an occupancy stage of about 38 per cent during the 1st three months of 2022. For vacation resort motels, few models have been in operation all through Q1 acquiring occupancy beneath 35 % on ordinary.


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