April 17, 2024


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I Make Tons of Money Travel Nursing, but It’s Not Worth It


  • Hunter Marshall is an ICU nurse in New Mexico who’s invested the pandemic travel-nursing. 
  • Marshall designed $90,000 in 28 months as a vacation nurse, but even now desires to stop due to burnout. 
  • This is Marshall’s tale, as advised to author Fiona Lowenstein.

This as-instructed-to essay is centered on a discussion with Hunter Marshall, an ICU nurse in New Mexico who has put in the pandemic travel-nursing. It has been edited for duration and clarity.

When the pandemic commenced, I was in a entire-time workers posture at the College of New Mexico Clinic in Albuquerque. I might just been accepted into the family members nurse practitioner method at UNM, and I was anticipating being at my job— both component-time or in an as-necessary placement.

We were the COVID-19 unit, and there was stress amongst workers. We had been instructed we failed to qualify for hazard pay, and that they wouldn’t let non-COVID assignments for pregnant workers and employees over 60. I ended up undertaking an interview about working disorders in the Albuquerque Journal and was specified a letter by the administration effectively expressing: “If you talk to the media yet again, you will be disciplined.”

I wanted to remain. I appreciated the occupation. I appreciated the persons I labored with. But if I am heading to be dealt with like crap, I am not also going to be paid like crap — especially at a place when I would be incurring much more expenses for university. 

I finished up getting a vacation assignment in Wrangell, Alaska, more than the summer season

In 13 months, I manufactured what I would have built in six months at my aged position. 

In New Mexico, I was producing $32.34 an hour. In Alaska, I made $65 an hour and $100 an hour for time beyond regulation — furthermore, they supplied absolutely free housing and compensated for my flights. I however experienced to pay back my $595 regular lease in New Mexico, but I failed to want a motor vehicle due to the fact Wrangell is tiny. All through my 13 months in Alaska, I created a overall of $32,928. 

When I flew up there, I was required to quarantine, and I was paid for it. We were also paid when we experienced exposures at my personnel occupation, but it came out of our unwell time and our holiday time. The moment all those ran out, we were not compensated at all. It felt good to truly feel highly regarded and compensated.

In late 2020 and early 2021, I did seven weeks in San Diego and built $17,804.34, doing work 36 several hours per week. All through that exact same time body a calendar year later on, I went to Anchorage, Alaska, and manufactured $35,834.37 about 8 36-hour months. My journey costs to and from San Diego and Anchorage have been lined, but I made the decision to rent a auto in Anchorage for $2,986.66. I didn’t genuinely want one, but it was an expense I could afford to pay for that enable me sightsee and take a look at friends. 

For the duration of my wintertime excursions, I received a subletter in New Mexico for about 50 percent the time I was away. I ended up shelling out for about 50 % of my $650 month to month rent. My full housing and rental motor vehicle additional up to $9,229.26. 

All blended, I made $86,566.71 above 28 weeks of travel nursing

I have substantially much less fiscal anxiety. Between the cash and the means to negotiate the terms of your work, it is no shock that so many men and women are undertaking this. The equal of doing the job at UNM for the similar volume of hrs would have been $32,598.72 ahead of taxes. I would’ve been doing work when at faculty, as properly as over college breaks. I would’ve experienced to get out loans.  

Unfortunately, with vacation nursing, the collective awareness that a device shares is absent. As an alternative, you will find a disjointed local community. Nursing is a group sport, and if you might be working with men and women who you might be unfamiliar with, it can be harder. No for a longer time getting those people relationships suggests you might be very by itself at the conclude of the working day, in a way that potential customers to additional burnout.

It really is also harder to develop skill sets. When I was a workers nurse, I was in a position to operate the dialysis equipment and get treatment of ECMO people. I couldn’t do these items as a vacation nurse, mainly because hospitals have no way to know that the nurse they employed is likely to be skilled. 

The workers nurses are the only ones skilled to do that things, so they close up accomplishing more durable perform than the journey nurses building extra than them. That disparity adds to resentment, but it really is extra geared towards the clinic administration than other nurses. Even in advance of COVID-19, nurses did not feel valued. 

Vacation pay back is a person of the points that’s holding people today in health care

I have this period from when I graduate to when I’m licensed as a nurse practitioner, and I was instructed I could occur again to UNM as a contract-based staffer, but I will not think I’m likely to. 

This previous agreement showed me that the do the job has taken a toll. It utilized to really feel like we ended up coping, but now it feels like we are all dissociating. So, I feel in the course of that time, I’m just going to do a little something completely unrelated to health care, like work as a server — to bear in mind what it is to be in an ecosystem where by people today are not dying and grieving all the time. The money’s not well worth it. 

I you should not assume I will at any time get the job done in a clinic once again, but I would be pleased to work at Prepared Parenthood or a university-based clinic. One thing lighter, the place when I go house I’m not wanting to know about the a few young ones of that couple who died from COVID-19. 

I am inclined to choose a spend slice now, mainly because I am burned out.


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