February 29, 2024


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I’m a nurse but climb through skips to get my food


A Journey NURSE typically shares how she dumpster dives for food items, but trolls have slammed her for getting foods she can manage to acquire.

Jillian, from the US, typically hunts for foodstuff that has been thrown away by stores to feed herself, and even notes she has a healthier diet program considering that.

The nurse often shares how she dumpster dives for food, despite earning a good salary to help combat food waste


The nurse generally shares how she dumpster dives for foodstuff, inspite of earning a good wage to assistance overcome foodstuff squanderCredit: tiktok.com/@jillian_rn4

Sharing her finds on TikTok, Jillian will make a selection of dishes with meals things that had been thrown away.

She drinks a refreshing smoothie just about every day with the foodstuff she finds, she described: “The food stuff that I obtain most is normally fruit that is just a small little bit as well ripe for purchasers.”

Jullian frequently freezes the fruit to past lengthier, and on just one of her dumsper diving adventures located a vegan pizza in the trash which she whipped up for lunch.

Given that sharing her dumpster dibing antics on TikTok, Julian is typically questioned why she does it when she has the income to purchase food items outright.

I go dumpster diving for old food, it's amazing how much I come home with
I’m a banker but dumpster dive for food, I’m determined to retire by my 30s

She described: “To me it arrives down to the morality if it all.

“Consumerism, meals squander, and many others, is anything i have been passionate about for kind of my total everyday living.

“I have experimented with unique waysto overcome consumerism, such as likely zero-waste, increasing my personal foodstuff, so dumpster diving has turn into my new enthusiasm project.”

She extra: “It does not appear proper for me to go and get new food if there is beautifully good food items, unspoiled in the dumster just waiting around for me.

Jullian also said she observed the approach exciting, as she never ever know what she’s likely to get, or if she’s heading to get everything.

Dumpster diving is legal in some states of the US, but in other’s the act is unlawful.

The nurse has been satisfy with divided reactions in excess of her dumsper diving behavior, with some expressing she need to help you save the meals for the homeless.

One person wrote: “leave it for the homeless, obtain your have food items and do your very best to have zero waste.”

“rather of throwing absent fruits veggies and other numerous products place it in the storage containers for the homeless folks who do not get to try to eat food stuff.” Explained a further man or woman.

A different user additional: “given that you are a travel RN producing excellent revenue. just give it to the homeless.”

“If you can manage to purchase your own, aren’t you taking absent from those who can’t?” A fourth individual questioned.

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But Jullian responded to these responses in a movie declaring she understood she was lucky she had a great earnings and that dollars was not the reason she dumpster dives.

For Jullian, her most important enthusiasm is to help decrease foodstuff waste.

Several end users arrived to her defence, a single mentioned: “you virtually only get a handful of matters and there is so significantly still left in the dumpsters when you go away.”

“Lady you discover some pretty great food stuff!! I would do the very same!! It’s so wasteful what they throw away!!” Another commented.

A 3rd wrote: “I think this is incredible! I hardly ever assumed about beating consumerism this way! Thanks for educating us.”

She shared how she often ate for free thanks to dumpster diving


She shared how she frequently ate for totally free thanks to dumpster divingCredit: tiktok.com/@jillian_rn4
Jullian divided opiions online when she revealed she dumpster dived


Jullian divided opiions on the internet when she revealed she dumpster divedCredit score: tiktok.com/@jillian_rn4


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