July 20, 2024


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Island Luxury at Bentota Beach Hotel Sri Lanka

While you are taking a break from the papers you have in your office, you day dream about crystal clear waters on pristine white beaches. And you realize that you really need to get a break of the busy city life and go get your holiday vacation. Looking them all up on the internet will lead you to one of the most sought after vacation destinations – Sri Lanka. And of course, you’d only want to have the best accommodations that Sri Lanka has to offer – the island luxuries of Bentota Beach Hotel Sri Lanka.

At the Bentota Beach

Sri Lanka is known for its discreet charm and bewitching natural beauty. It is blessed with scenic mountains, exotic culture, rich history, and world-renowned wondrous beaches. One of the best beach strips on the entire island is the Bentota beach. Here lay white sandy beaches facing the tranquil waters of the Indian Ocean. Bentota beach offers a wide array of excellent accommodations for all types of guests. One of the best perhaps is the Bentota Beach Hotel Sri Lanka.

This exquisite 5 star resort is located right on the wide swath of white sand beach of Bentota. The Bentota Beach Hotel Sri Lanka is a newly renovated property that prides itself with a gold medal for excellence. This beach hotel is considered as one of the oldest and grandest resorts in the whole of Sri Lanka. Any guests are sure to be impressed by a staff the aims nothing than to provide comfort and pleasurable hotel stay. The Sri Lankan famous architect Geoffrey Bawa is the one who built this resort famous for service and hospitality.

What’s In-store at the Bentota Beach Hotel

Bentota Beach Hotel Sri Lanka has 133 luxurious and spacious rooms, two restaurants, and 3 swimming pools that assures guest of a pleasurable stay. Enjoy a grand gastronomic experience from the hotels kitchen masters while you take your pick at the endless wine spirits selection.

The hotel also boosts of sporting activities for any sports enthusiasts. Inquire on driving, wind surfing, banana boat rides and others that are available through the Bentota beach hotel’s water sports center.

Discover a holistic health approach at the “Samadhi Vedha Asapuwa” located serenely by the river and experience one of the world’s oldest arts of healing. Melt away the tensions and stress from your body as only the hands of skilled professionals can do. Treat yourself to more familiar treatments like the herbal oil body massage and steam bath.

The Bentota Beach Hotel Sri Lanka has one unique service that has become very popular – the floating Pontoon. This has never failed to excite those who have tried it out. The floating Pontoon has a seating capacity of 30 and a standing capacity of 60. This one is real great for meetings and parties.