May 31, 2023


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Leveraging Mobile Technology to Combat 5 Common Hotel Operational Hiccups – stayntouch


Hiccup 3: Overpowering Administrative Get the job done

For the hospitality industry, administrative get the job done is the pretty definition of a essential evil. Though lodges require a selected sum of repetitive paperwork to operate, much too a great deal can contribute to personnel burnout and stand in the way of partaking workers-guest interactions. 

No visitor desires to converse to a staff members member who is continually buried in their display, and no hotel staff started off a hospitality job with the dream of carrying out paperwork. Fortuitously, a cloud-native PMS can automate several widespread administrative jobs, this sort of as place assignment, payment assortment, report scheduling, and bulk check-in/ check-out, leaving staff with additional time to serve their visitors. 

Hiccup 4: Overpowering Selection of Guest Requests

Conventional landline telephones are a awful way to regulate visitor requests in today’s operational natural environment. Travelers shouldn’t have to downgrade to 1990s know-how just to purchase room support or an added turndown. No person likes being put on hold even though a employees member tries to response the cellphone or transfer a connect with, and answering phone calls usually takes the affiliate absent from serving other guests. As desire for journey boosts, so does the frequency of these delays, causing team to experience overwhelmed and company to feel underappreciated. 

Integrating a cloud PMS with a mobile guest messaging platform will let company to quickly talk with workers via their preferred application on their cell device (Facebook, SMS, Whatsapp, and many others), though team will be capable to cope with several information threads concurrently. Deciding on a visitor messaging method with a purely natural language AI can streamline this process even further more by automating solutions to popular guest questions, hence saving personnel bandwidth for more intricate requests. 


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