June 21, 2024


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New Zealand Cycling – Why Spend Vacations on a Bike?

Discover that New Zealand cycling vacation is a terrific way to travel a country famed for being clean and green.

It is a small country with a great infrastructure. With 4.3 million inhabitants, spread over 268,676 square km, the country has a low population density that is the lowest in the south. One third of the total number living in and around Auckland make this the country’s biggest city. Only one million people live scattered on the entire South Island. The highest traffic volume therefore is found in Auckland and on connecting highways. All in all there is plenty of scarcely disrupted cycling bliss.

Both Islands have beautiful locations. Although some believe the South Island is the place to choose if there is only a limited time at hand. An opinion reflected in the fact that most touristy cycling packages are located in the south.

What to expect:

  • Varied scenery on North- and South Island
  • Low crime rate
  • Friendly kiwis, these are people living in New Zealand
  • A well developed tourism industry with space for
    • Self planned bicycle vacations
    • Prepared and prearranged cycling tours
    • Guided bicycle tours
    • Bus tours combined with mountain biking activities
    • Mountain biking in adventure style

The diversity of the scenery combined with a safe travelling reputation makes it an ideal destination. While the flexibility of tours on offer sure grant an unforgettable New Zealand cycling vacation. Every level of fitness finds the right cycling trip with an interesting objective. Tours stick to paved and gravel roads or pursue an off road adventure. The duration can be chosen from some hours to a full day or even several days long.

Matchable to personal needs a net of accommodation possibilities is offered. The wide prize range allows everyone a well deserved break. Some have to be arranged a couple of days in advanced and for others it is enough to ring up in the morning. In the peak season from November to February it can be necessary to prearrange things well in advance.

Accommodation variations:

  • Huts in regional and national parks
  • Camping grounds offer campsites or cabins
  • Farmstays often with camp facilities
  • Hostels or backpackers
  • Bed and breakfast or hotels

On a bike it is the closest one can get to nature. It is fun getting sidetracked by picturesque landscapes and natural sights. Meander through hills and mountains feeling the challenge to climb uphill or enjoy the speedy ride down. Take in the fresh breeze by following the coastline or absorb the quietness of a back road away from main highways. New Zealand cycling brings about fun, challenge, and adventure.