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Shiji’s ReviewPro & hotelkit Integrate to Streamline Guest Follow-up


integration ReviewPro and hotelkit

Partnership between hotelkit and Shiji’s ReviewPro allows hoteliers to drive operational excellence.  

7th of April 2022, Barcelona: Shiji’s ReviewPro, the leading Guest Experience Platform for hospitality, and the hotel operations platform hotelkit, now integrate to streamline operations for hoteliers managing guest feedback. The integration aims to simplify the day-to-day processes of clients using both platforms by providing a seamless two-way connection between the solutions.

Hoteliers using both solutions will be notified of guest feedback coming in via the ReviewPro Guest Experience Platform directly on their hotelkit dashboard. This allows common users to provide prompt resolution to guest needs. The integration works in two ways so that the status of tasks – whether they are resolved or not – will always be updated on both platforms in real-time, supporting management response strategies and other business KPIs.

“The integration between Shiji’s ReviewPro and hotelkit aims to make your life easier, as a hotelier. Whenever a housekeeping , a maintenance or a room service request is made on the ReviewPro platform, it will show up right in your hotekit notifications. You can even decide who in your hotel will receive this request. Status updates are shown simultaneously in both systems. Communication has never been easier! And your guests will enjoy the benefits.” Marie-Theres Rainer, Product Manager hotelkit GmbH

“Guests now expect fast responses and fast resolution. To drive operational efficiency, we need to minimize platform switching and ensure that information flows seamlessly. Any request, review, or survey response that requires action now appears on both the hotelkit platform, and the ReviewPro Guest Experience Platform for quick resolution or response, improving your operations but more importantly your guests’ experience.” Michael Kessler, CEO at ReviewPro.

Benefits of Shiji’s ReviewPro and hotelkit Integration

The integration is beneficial for both hoteliers and guests by tackling the issue of managing multiple platforms and data silos, while also driving operational excellence. Some main benefits of the integration are:

  • Unified to-do list for quicker action – Encourage immediate action by unifying to-do lists from the chatbot and other sources onto one single page, so no requests get looked over.
  • Automated case creation for reviews, survey responses, and messaging – all guest requests, complaints, or queries trigger case creation visible on both platforms.
  • Supports your guest messaging strategy – Guest requests will be collected by the chatbot, including vital information that is collected via natural human interaction, so no need to manually log data or ask the guest for more details.
  • Less platform switching – Information travels seamlessly from one platform to another and back again, so there is no need for your team to manage several logins for their day-to-day tasks.
  • Resolution analytics – thanks to the two-way integration, the ReviewPro analytics page is updated with performance data on how many tasks were created, if they were closed on time, by whom, etc., avoiding unnecessary data silos.

Clients who want to know more about Shiji’s ReviewPro and hotelkit integration need to contact their account manager for more information.


ReviewPro, a Shiji Group brand, offers over a decade of experience and investment in innovation to ensure we continue to be the benchmark in the hospitality industry. Our cloud-based Guest Experience Platform includes Hotel Reputation, Guest Surveys, Case Management, and Messaging Automation. Shiji’s ReviewPro owns the industry-standard online reputation score, the Global Review Index™️ (GRI), a propriety algorithm based on review data collected from +175 OTAs and review sites in +45 languages. With over, 60,000 establishments in +150 countries, Shiji’s ReviewPro offers the technology, support, and education to empower hoteliers to be better.

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With the hotel operations platform hotelkit, more than 2,000 hotel teams worldwide manage their daily work routine. The solution for collaboration, housekeeping and facility management connects the entire team, improves internal communication and simplifies daily workflows. Delivering outstanding service has never been easier and now hoteliers can spend more time doing what they do best: making their guests happy.

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