November 29, 2023


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The fabled city- Hyderabad

Dwell into the rich history of Hyderabad with the massive constructions that speak of the prosperous legends of the city. The city is a bustling metropolitan with an urban lifestyle, modern restaurants with rich delicacies in food. The city is the most populous urban IT hub with many technological and cultural developments. The sprawling metropolis is well-known for its hospitality; the old and new reflections of the city showcase the diversity in culture, dining, shopping malls, and more. Fly with Cathay Pacific to feel the regal destination.

The heritage places in Hyderabad:

Charminar:  It is the most visited area in Hyderabad. It is the heart of the city that was built by Quli Qutub Shah. The iconic monument has four minarets and the enormous architecture with the massive arch is the landmark symbol of Hyderabad. The four minarets which are 56 meters each have a dome-like crown. The intricate petal designs show the perfection of the makers. The Islamic styled structure is made of granite and marble. 

Chowmahalla Palace:  A European neo-classical architecture with astounding details and detailed carvings – the Chowmahalla Palace was the palace of Nizams of Hyderabad. The interiors showcase the intricate craftsmanship. The ceilings display amazing artwork and features like granite arches, decorative work in lime plaster, and terracotta balusters. The name refers to four palaces Tahniyat Mahal, Mahtab Mahal, Afzal Mahal, and Aftab Mahal. It is look-alike architecture of the Shah’s Palace in Teheran, Iran. It spans 12 acres of land with lush green gardens and beautiful fountains. The grand hall has spectacular chandeliers, a dazzling floor, and exquisitely decorated rooms that express the glory and might of the past.

Falaknuma Palace: The flamboyant royal architecture is enticing to watch. The palace is 2000 feet above the city which purely adds to the grandeur. The lavishly built palace delves into the rich past of Hyderabad. Presently it serves as a luxury hotel – Taj Falaknuma Palace, it has brilliance in everything from relaxing spa, authentic food, world-class service, and mesmerizing interiors. As you enter you find a splendid lawn, the restoration of this royal heritage showcases the carpeted staircases, gorgeous murals, landscaped gardens, photographic portraits, Venetian chandeliers, and Corinthian columns. Enjoy mystical intensive Sufi musical performances that captivate you at the expansive Veranda. 

Golkonda Fort: The fort is an age-old masterpiece that has a rugged look at the exteriors. The granite fort has seen the ruling of many dynasties from the Kakatiyas to Munusuri Nayaks, Bahamani Sultans, the Qutub Shahi dynasty, and then the Mughals. It bestowed richness and prosperity with the mines. The opulent and glorious fort was the hub for diamonds. The Kohinoor diamonds are said to be unearthed from here. The mines have flourished the diamond trade. Though the fort was built in the past the architecture was so perfect that they created a seamless cool ventilated palace which turns the hot summer wind into cool air inside the palace with the water tank mechanism. It is mainly famous for the wonderful acoustics as one can hear a clap from the portico in the Bala Hisar pavilion, which is almost 1 km away.