July 18, 2024


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The Next 100 Billion Dollar Business? The Simple Authority Site Secret That Will Make You Rich

Who else is sick and tired of trying to get rich online with gimmicks, gadgets and guru’s? Think that little known marketing “secret” or underground trick or technique is going to make you wealthy? Have you convinced yourself that selling ClickBank eBooks, or affiliate programs is going to allow you the sort of lifestyle you truly deserve? Or, maybe like I once did long ago… You think that you are going to earn REAL wealth with a personal blog that details your entrepreneurial rags to riches journey and inspire millions on your way to the top of the mountain?

Think again.

The truth is, you have more of a chance, statistically… earning a 6 figure salary in a real world, conventional career, than you would trying or applying any of the ideas above in the online entrepreneurial space.

But… Before you think I’m suggesting you give UP on your online entrepreneurial aspirations, I’m not. Instead, I want to share a few very simple inspired ideas that have worked wonderfully well for me, as well as thousands of other real world entrepreneurs who are doing what we love for a living. (many of whom, have turned the simple ideas below into multi million or even multi BILLION dollar business to boot)

Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a quick look at a few simple rules that WILL transform your brand, blog, business and bank account… immediately below.

Rule #1: BUILD Something

98% of the online entrepreneurs I meet are always trying to sell something. Whether it’s an affiliate product, or a coaching course, or even an inexpensive eBook… That model may offer a slender shred of quick success, but it’s not a viable way to build enduring value.

Building something, instead of selling something, is a far better long term strategy for not only creating real wealth for yourself, but building real value in your niche, market or industry as well.

Consider THIS for a moment.

AIRBNB is forecast by some high dollar investors (including one of the founders of PayPal, Peter Thiel) as the next 100 BILLION dollar business. It was started by a few average people on a bootstrap budget, and has grown into THE authority site in the “affordable alternative to hotel” travelers space.

Kickstarter, another offbeat idea for creating a community platform for PASSION and purpose based professionals to share their flare with the world, has become the LARGEST source of funding for ordinary people with extraordinary inspired ideas, funding 100s of millions of dollars and counting.

The chances that you or I am going to create the next AIRBNB or Kickstarter? Not great.

But, the chances that you or I can launch a similar style site that is an “authority” in a smaller niche, market or industry that we care about, or have passion for, and that can earn hundreds of thousands of profit, or be valued at 6 or even 7 figures or more in a reasonably short time?

Pretty darn good… Especially if you scale this strategy across multiple markets.

For example?

You can create an entire business that emulates an AIRBNB style model, for under $100… with killer templates, premium plugins and simply follow their blueprint for success. It doesn’t have to be real estate, you can create a search engine that matches consumers from the public, with professionals that have something specific to offer and need to be found, in just about any niche under the sun.

You can create a directory site. You can create a local marketplace. You can create a social network in your niche, market or industry of choice, using FREE plugins like Buddypress, and position yourself as the thought leader, authority or go to expert.

Maybe your passion is online business or entrepreneurialism or helping other professionals build BUZZ for their own blogs, brands or business? You can create a job board, a classified site, a local news magazine, a marketing forum, or even a crowd funding community… And literally, build an entire online “agency” with high dollar offers behind it, simply because you’ll be looked at as the brains behind the scene.

The truth is, this approach takes a little bit more work… And a little bit more effort overall. But believe it or not, it’s EASY to do, a whole lot of fun, and a great way to offer genuine value to others while doing what you love for a living!