April 17, 2024


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The rise of travel nursing during COVID-19


The coronavirus pandemic has led to the downfall of lots of industries as substantial unemployment fees swept the U.S. for the duration of its early phases. There was a single marketplace, among a few other individuals, that commenced to rise with the effervescent panic that was surfacing in the course of the country: travel nursing.

In the field of journey nursing, nurses are assigned to small-staffed hospitals by way of journey nursing businesses these businesses very first supply contracts that detail how much a nurse will be paid hourly by a clinic, as perfectly as how a lot cash the agency will supply in stipends for charges this kind of as housing and food items, according to a movie by John Farnsworth, an ICU Travel Nurse who has been doing work in the overall health care industry for around 20 a long time.

Contracts typically need the nurse to operate for 13 months at the facility, with every week averaging three days of 12-hour shifts, Beebee Berluce claimed in a YouTube video clip. Berluce is a registered nurse who took on journey nursing a handful of a long time prior to the begin of the pandemic, she’s stated in her videos. If nurses settle for the agreement, they will be on their way to the hospital at a set time and date.

These nurses can ask for a sure condition or metropolis they would like to operate at, and their companies will look for for any openings obtainable at those destinations. Moreover, it is properly-known that this occupation is really beneficial in the 12 months 2019, the normal salary for travel nurses totaled $1,786 per week, in accordance to Reliable Wellbeing, a very well-identified travel nursing agency. This figure was proven to bounce by 14% when COVID-19 came all around, in accordance to CNN.

This market unquestionably appealed to a lot of health care-treatment staff right before the rise of the pandemic, so it is no surprise that quite a few nurses dived into this line of operate just after COVID-19 alarms blared in hospitals all about the country. Veteran nurses began retiring early thanks to the unanticipated disaster, unable to maintain up with the panic and chaos that ensued through heavily-hit hospitals, according to The Atlantic.

As medical-treatment staff began leaving the marketplace, hospitals located them selves shorter-staffed and in need to have of temporary nurses to fill in vacant spots as the number of COVID-infected individuals started to surge, Berluce claimed in her online video. She mentioned that crisis assignments, as they are known, present some of the best-paying out contracts that a nurse can obtain due to the urgency of a predicament.

With extra of these crises showing during the US, journey nurses found significantly less competitiveness for these employment as they have been in significant desire. Some workers’ shell out costs rose by 164% from the fourth quarter of 2019 to the fourth quarter of 2021 in accordance to Time. Journey nurses were being earning exceedingly more profit than they were being a several decades ago, and its guarantee of prosperity attained nurses nationwide.

It is now 2022, and the pandemic is slowly achieving a steady halt throughout the region. The reduce in bacterial infections will lead to a drop in crisis assignments, which may possibly obstruct the surge of this marketplace. As the nation goes back to its “normal pre-COVID” several years, it can be anticipated that travel nursing will comply with go well with.

Though it could however be a worthwhile career for nurses in the potential, it may well under no circumstances attain the peak that it attained in the course of the chaotic years of the pandemic.


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