June 20, 2024


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Tips to Get the Best Hotel Accommodation for Staycation

6 Tips Choosing a Hotel for a Staycations

Hotels are still the best choice to stay for travelers. If in the past the hotel was synonymous with luxury and expensive, now it is not like that anymore. To get top-notch facilities and extra services, star hotels can be the place to go when traveling.

Singapore is home to star hotels with modern and elegant facilities. Tanjong Pagar Hotel area is one of the best areas to find your dream hotels. This area is surrounded with beautiful attractions, public facilities, and tourism spots. It is your best place to stay at an affordable price.

Well, star hotels are still differentiated according to their star rating. There are one-star hotels with decent facilities, but the prices are still affordable. There are also five-star luxury hotels with high-end luxury suites with overnight rates so expensive!

In order to get your best place to stay more comfortable and affordable, you need to be smart in finding one. These are the useful tips you can follow to make your stay in a hotel better. Let’s check ‘em out!

  1. Direct Booking

Currently, there are many mobile apps that make it easier for you to make bookings in advance. However, it turns out that this method is less effective at saving some money when staying at a hotel. You should know that direct booking can get you the best price.

Many hotels offer special prices for guests, who directly make a reservation on their official website. Not only that, sometimes some hotels carry out promotions such as free breakfast or free overnight stays for customers who stay directly.

Sometimes you can’t find promos like this when you book a hotel room on the apps. You can make a direct phone call to the hotel to ask about any promos or discounts. This helps much to save your budget.

  1. Make Reservation on Weekdays

Maybe many people think that hotel rates on weekdays are more expensive than on weekends. It turns out that this myth is not entirely true. Hotels located in urban areas or close to office areas, will actually set a cheaper price when the weekend arrives.

If you do business travel, it’s better to book a hotel on the weekend to get a cheaper price. However, hotels that are near tourist attractions set a higher price on weekends. This is because when the weekend arrives, the hotel will definitely be crowded with people who are busy on vacation.

  1. Book Hotels When its Rate Dropped

During the low season, hotel rates can be so affordable. It is normal yet can be your opportunity to book a good room. Low season in each country is different but sometimes it does help to save some money on traveling.

It is better to make your reservation during low season because the hotel capacity is big. It means not many people go traveling which makes the hotel room rate drop. Take this chance to book your room for the next holiday.

  1. Use Discounts and Promos

It is undeniable that there are now many applications that offer promos and discounts to its users. You can use hotel booking apps like Traveloka. It offers various promos and discounts for hotels, flights, and destinations.

Use the discounts and promos available to save more budget. This method is one of the best ways to get your stay more comfortable and affordable. You can also do research on a hotel you want to stay in. Then check on its rate on the apps. That’s an easy way to make your dream hotels come true.

  1. Do Not Book in High or Peak Season

Just like booking plane tickets, hotel rates can spike up in high and peak seasons. In some countries like Singapore, hotel rates will increase by tens of percent during the school holiday season, before religious holidays or towards the end of the year.

Almost the same thing also happens when you want to book a hotel abroad. During this period of time, the hotel rates were not friendly. Therefore, it is best to avoid booking hotels at that time. You can book ahead of time when the room rate is quite affordable. It is better to make a reservation before your stay.

Well, those are the 5 tips for a better and comfortable holiday stay in a hotel. If you’re looking for the best hotels in Singapore, Sofitel Singapore is an ideal place to stay. You can get the best view of the surroundings. Make your reservation on Traveloka with better offers and promos!

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