April 17, 2024


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Top 10 things you must do in Marrakech!

Marrakech is the ultimate tourist city. This is the place where you will never feel bored because there is always an activity to try. Whether alone, with family or friends, there is something to please everyone. Today we have put together a list of 10 things you absolutely must try when visiting Marrakech.

Hot air ballooning: 

It is one of the most magnificent experiences you can have while visiting Marrakech. This is a great opportunity to admire the wonders of the Red City through a bird’s eye view. The hot air balloon Marrakech is among the adventures of which you will keep such beautiful memories, for a lifetime.

Shopping in the souk: 

Marrakech is well known for its traditional souks. This is where you will find everything related to the world of crafts. Talented manufacturers are always creative and looking to come up with new creations. Therefore, it will be a good idea to shop in these souks to get unique purchases.

Quad excursion: 

In Marrakech, you can enjoy several activities. We will mention the quad excursions. With family or friends, you will experience wonderful moments of fun together. Without forgetting the strong sensation of adrenaline, a moment of pure pleasure!

Camping in the Agafay desert: 

If you like camping under a starry sky at night, then Desert Agafay is the right destination. Do not hesitate when coming to Marrakech to book your night in this incredible place. Around a campfire, you will enjoy a good dinner and indulge in a purely folkloric evening.

Carriage ride: 

Finding a carriage in Marrakech is very easy; you will find one in the Jemaa el Fna square. This is where your tour of the Red City will begin to admire the beauty of this city. The prices are affordable and then you will only have to enjoy this happy tour.

Trip in the surroundings:

Marrakech is among the cities of Morocco that have several regions in its surroundings. These are worth a visit, given their magical and breathtaking natural landscapes. The Ourika Valley, Setti Fadma, Imlil, Toubkal Park, Ouirgane … there is something to please all nature lovers.

Dinner at the Jemaa el Fna square:

In addition to the various shows that take place there, Jemaa el Fna is the perfect place if you want to taste a typical Moroccan dish. Every evening, the square fills up with tables and vendors who cook dozens of dishes. This is the only place where you can dine, chat and enjoy the show.

Camel ride: 

In the Red City, anything is possible. In addition to the carriage and the quad, it is quite possible to take a camel ride. It is a great chance to go on an excursion like in the old days. Thus, you will visit the city and you will discover the famous palm grove.

SPA moment of relaxation:

In Marrakech, there are many activities to do. You can also take a day off to pamper yourself properly. So book your session and enjoy a pleasant SPA day. Massage Hammam, treatments, relaxation… the perfect combo to relax and renew your energy.

A touch of greenery:

Marrakech has several green parks where spending the day is a real pleasure. You can then visit the famous Majorelle Garden, the secret garden in the medina or even the Anima garden. Do not forget to bring your camera; you will be able to take some great photos!