April 19, 2024


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Travel Nurse Jobs That you Can Apply For and What Benefits Can you Get

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Nurses are known to work hard and long hours for every shift. They are exposed to risk and stress, and yet they continue to do their profession because they know their duties and responsibilities to the patient and the medical facilities they are working with.  To be able to help them get a higher par travel nurse jobs were made to give them freedom to work in other places. Most travel nursing jobs are being handled by travel nurse agencies, they are the ones responsible for connecting travel nurses and assigning them to medical facilities who are in need of one. 

Kinds of Travel Nurse Jobs

Travel CNA Jobs

Travel Certified Nursing assistants are often assigned to areas where they are underserved with staff. They are responsible for assisting nurses and  most of them are assigned to patients who have fallen ill in their homes and need extra care that’s why they need CNA. Duty includes close monitoring of patients conditions and reporting it to the medical facilities. Some are required to cook and do household chores for their patients. Salary may range from $13 per hour and up depending on their place of assignment. Thirteen weeks contracts are commonly given for each assignment. 

Travel LPN Jobs

Travel licensed practical nurses serve as   nurses and doctors, their duties include taking care of patients needs such as monitoring them on their condition in the hospital, other medical facilities and even their patient’s home. The average earning in travel Licensed practical nurse is around $64,676. 

Crisis Travel Nurse Jobs

Crisis nursing jobs are when travel nurses are assigned to departments with high risk, since patients here need close monitoring of their conditions and need to be taken care of 24/7. When the need for nurses  arises in these departments, travel nurses are the best remedy to cover the shortage of staff .Crisis travel  nurses can earn between $69,000 to $167,000 per year which is far higher than working as a regular nurse. That’s why some nurses are willing to leave their homes to work as travel nurses. In these departments’ specialization is needed and that’s why compensation is really good. 

Advantages of Travel Nurses Jobs 

Handsome Pay 

Travel nurse jobs always get higher pay than their regular counterparts  because they are special arrangement jobs, and they need to travel to be able to practice their professions. That;s why most nurses prefer to get a travel nursing job compared with a regular nursing job in their hometowns. Aside from the basic salary other benefits are given such as :

  • Referral Bonus, once  you refer to a travel nurse who is also qualified to work. Travel nurse agency gives you a bonus for this. 
  • Deals and Discounts on medical uniforms and other stuff used in medical   during your shift. They want to help you lower down your expenses by giving you discounts on the stuff you use for work. 
  • Health and Life Insurances are offered since they know how   your work is, and they want to make sure you are secured financially when unexpected things happen during your assignment. 

Housing are Provided 

It’s hard to work away from home since you have to find a place to stay. But with travel nurses, accommodation is provided and housing for them are fully furnished.  Getting a comfortable place to stay can be a good start when working away from home, homesickness is sometimes an issue for people who work outside their hometowns. Housing areas often near the medical facility you will be working for to make it convenient for you. However, if you want to get your own place it is also possible, they will just be providing you with a housing tax-free stipend so you can choose a place you can stay during your assignment. 
Whether you will be working for travel RN jobs, travel nurse practitioner jobs, LPN travel nursing or other nomad travel nursing jobs you can rip all the benefits mentioned. Just make sure that you are qualified by having 1 to 2 years experience in your field and you have all the necessary credentials needed. Getting a travel nurse job can be the start of your journey towards growing as  an individual as well as broadening your career experience for a bigger opportunity in the future.  Find the perfect travel nursing job for you at Gifted Healthcare.