May 20, 2024


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U-M spine surgeon climbs the ‘7 Summits’ of tallest mountain peaks on each continent


A local backbone surgeon achieved an unbelievable feat – and it really is outside the functioning area. He completed what is actually acknowledged as the “Seven Summits” — which are the tallest mountain peaks on just about every continent.

Ahead of Rock Patel conquers breathtaking views, the journey starts off in a wander-in closet entire of climbing gear at his Ann Arbor home.

“This is a lot of my climbing and camping equipment,” he mentioned.

Becoming an accomplished mountaineer is Patel’s interest – his 9-to-5 is as an orthopedic surgeon for the College of Michigan Well being.

“There was no climbing where by I grew up, in which I grew up, it was effectively the internal metropolis of Queens. So I was not uncovered to it at a younger age,” Patel explained.

Patel states he begun climbing in 2007 just after ending his residency at U-M.

Rock Patel

About the yrs, he’s remaining a maize and blue contacting card atop some of the greatest peaks in the globe.

Patel summited the tallest peaks in every continent such as Mount Kilimanjaro, Everest, and Denali.

“I imagine my ordeals in residency and instruction had been seriously handy in serving to me succeed on the mountains,” he mentioned. “When you are in residency, you operate seriously extended several hours, and you offer with a whole lot of nerve-racking cases.”

Conversely, Patel suggests climbing has built him a superior doctor.

“It teaches you to continue to be calm in stressful conditions, I believe which is 1 of the most important factors,” he said.

Rock Patel

Just lately, climbing has come to be one of the fastest developing athletics.  Rock climbing fitness centers have built it far more obtainable to find out.

Rock Patel says there is a important lesson of resilience taught with every climb.

“There is a good deal of situations I have gone climbing, and have not attained the major – some would look at that climb a failure,” he mentioned. “You find out a great deal of classes alongside the way. You have to set the pieces again together once more, and make a decision if you’re likely to attempt once again and do a far better career. The identical applies with surgeries also.” 

Rock Patel



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