May 30, 2024


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With the enigmatic MrX by Talenti the outdoors is a continuous movement


Born from the innovative inspiration of Marco Acerbis, this modern answer makes it possible for a room to be shaded in a functional and innovative way.

For summer 2022, Talenti, a single of the top makes in the high-end out of doors market and current in in excess of 65 international locations around the globe, offers the progressive MrX. Born from the innovative inspiration of the famed Italian designer Marco Acerbis, MrX enables you to shade your outside room, a terrace or a swimming pool, with a sculptural still remarkably house-preserving component of special style.

MrX is an architectural notion that requires its cue from common pergolas and sunshade tents but revolutionises their composition to make a dynamic and attractive piece of household furniture. 

At initial glance, when MrX is closed, it is complicated to realise what it is. Like a riddle to be solved, it is unveiled little by little thanks to its compass opening which makes it possible for the extension of the curtain for a broad and enjoyable shade. The top secret is so revealed with easy nevertheless ingenious mechanical gestures that open up a tailor-produced oasis of relaxation.

Best for both equally residential and contract purposes, MrX is not a pergola, it is not a sunshade but a advanced shading unit one of a kind in its type and marking a turning issue in the extremely concept of protecting household furniture. The sunshine is a mate/enemy that must not be dependable far too much, so it is improved to have furnishings that speedily come to be allies for each individual eventuality.

Built of extruded aluminium and accessible in diverse colors, the construction adapts flawlessly to any context for a intriguing accessory in its modern simplicity.


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