June 21, 2024


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6 Amazing Tourism Facts from Raja Ampat

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Believe it or not, Raja Ampat has been getting more attention and prestige than other leading tourist destinations in Indonesia. Located in the Ambon Raja Ampat area in Papua which belongs to the Raja Ampat Regency. There are 610 islands with their own respective beauties waiting for you to visit. It is undeniable that various groups are scrambling to enjoy the beauty of this unforgettable tour.

From Unique Cultures to Diving Locations

Indonesia is indeed rich in tourist sites with various natural resources, such as in the Raja Ampat area, which also has tourist facts that are no less interesting than other locations. Want to know what they are?

Unique Cultures

Various legends are believed from generation to generation by residents, such as the origin of the name Raja Ampat. That said, the name comes from the legend of seven mysterious eggs discovered by a woman who is an ancestor. Four of the eggs hatched and became king figures, ruling the four largest islands in the area. Other cultures in terms of dressing, eating, socializing are still highly respected by the people of Raja Ampat.

Most Complete Coral Reef

Did you know that the Raja Ampat area has complete coral reef types compared to other ocean areas in the world? Based on research from 100 percent of coral reef species identified, 75 percent of the species are in Raja Ampat. If you don’t believe it, you can come and prove it yourself.

Underwater Forest

It’s called an underwater forest because many types of plants are found in the ocean area, located in one of the districts in Papua. You can find various ecosystems here. An attractive mix of flora and fauna, some of them are in endemic classification.

Historical Area

Based on research, there is some evidence of old history found in Raja Ampat. For example, shipwrecks, identified as the remnants of the Second World War. Also, there are still many mysteries unsolved.

Then there is also evidence of prehistoric times in the Misool area, which is the discovery of fifty thousand years old handprints. It can be an evidence to reveal the old history of Indonesia.

Tourist Quota

Usually, when many foreign tourists come, Tourist Quota will be limited by the local government. Its function is to maintain natural and environmental conditions. So they are always clean, comfortable, and safe. Most of them take the air route using a fleet of aircraft such as Garuda Indonesia Raja Ampat, but some prefer the land route.

Favorite Dive Spot

The condition of the sea is very rich in ecosystems, still natural, and not contaminated by various harmful human activities. Make it become one of the best dive sites in the world. Many professional divers, who have tried the underwater world in Raja Ampat, are fascinated.

Do not hesitate to spend your vacation time in Raja Ampat. This tourist paradise in Eastern Indonesia is ready to present the best and memorable tourist experience.