June 19, 2024


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The Best Things To Do On Chichen Itza, A Complete Tour For The Visit

Going for the Mexico trip mostly comes with the famous Mayan Civilization heritage of Chichen Itza. The archeological site itself is more than just an old building. It was still an active archeological research site where hundreds of discoveries resurface. Despite that, the tourist destination is still the primary part of the Chichen Itza tour. 

The Locations To Visit During The Tours 

1. EL Castillo 

As you reach the Chichen Itza sites, you will find a huge complex of Mayan historical heritage. The towering pyramids, relics, and amazing structures are the main attraction. However, you can also explore the area and find yourself in front of the magnificent pyramid of El Castillo. It is an imposing symmetrical pyramid that will appear the first time tourists come. 

Standing tall with about 79 ft or 24-meter, tourists can climb up on its 91 steps. Going up to the peak was one of the most exciting historical vacations to do. It also has a lot of fun relics along with the ways. The pyramid itself is used by Mayan as a religious temple of Kukulcan, a featured serpent deity from Mesoamerican history.  

2. Cenotes 

For your chichen itza tours from merida, you will also have the chance to explore and witness the famous Cenotes. The places are natural freshwater sinkholes located around the sites. They are deemed as sacred places, where Mayans will live around the area. On this tour, you can expect more than one place, including Sacred cenotes, Xtoloc, and Ik Kil.  

3. El Caracol 

Another place that you will visit is the El Caracol observatory complex. Despite the weird name, the historical structure used to have a spherical dome and spiral staircase. The name does not make justice since it was once a place where the Mayans make a groundbreaking observation of the sun and stars. There is also numerous data by astronomers found in the area. 

4. Casa Colorada 

With a proper Chichen Itza tour itinerary, you will have the chance to reach Casa Colorado. It is the oldest section of Chichen Itza where you witness the rectangular stone house. The house itself has many carvings consisting of inscriptions. Some other locations in the areas include a red house with instruction and many other crumbling places to visit.  

Other On Mexico Tour

If you are interested in exploring Mexico further, you can consider the Tulum tour from playa del carmen for a complete 4 in 1 package starting from Cancun. It is a tour that will bring you to Chichen Itza tour to four different archeological sites, around the area. It includes visiting the sites, cenotes, and exploring Playa Del Carmen. It also offers you a visit to the famous Fifth avenue In Playa Del Carmen.  

Aside from being one of the active archeological sites, Chichen Itza is also a famous tourist destination in Mexico. Don’t forget that the place is famous for being a wonder of the modern world. Not to mention the acknowledgment from UNESCO as one of the world heritages. For more, it is the perfect Mayan historical heritage with massive discoveries over years.