July 18, 2024


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Ao Nang Beach – A General Guide

Ao Nang beach is the most popular beach among tourists visiting Krabi, Thailand. This small fishing village of the eighties has earned a prominent place in the world tourist map over the last decade. Those who knew the beach in its earlier avatar would be amazed at its transformation.

Ao Nang beach is a beautiful white sand beach set with imposing limestone cliffs in the background. Even as the beach offers immense possibilities for water sports with its crystalline waters and abundant marine life, the limestone karst offers never-ending possibilities for adventure seekers. Despite the presence of all these, it is a wonder that the beach remains uncluttered during peak tourist season.

The coral reefs and rock formations offer many opportunities for swimmers, divers and snorkeling enthusiasts. The diversity seen in the marine life here is unrivaled. The clean and clear water is something every tourist would wish for in a beach. No wonder, those who visit the beach come again and again!

Seafood is another specialty of Ao Nang beach. From pushcart vendors to swanky restaurants, all have their presence in the beach area. Not only are the foods served fresh and tasty, the prices are reasonable too. Ao Nang has the most restaurants in Krabi, some of which specialize in northern cuisine.

Many tourists come to Thailand to taste the authentic Thai cuisine. Ao Nang beach is the ideal place to try this. Though the beach area has some eateries, the best are found in the road to Noppharat Beach. As dusk falls, this street comes alive with rows and rows of eateries catering to the tourist crowd.

Ao Nang beach has a variety of accommodation choices in all price ranges to suit different pockets. The beautiful setting and plentiful opportunities for activities make the beach an ideal base camp for your Thailand vacation.