July 20, 2024


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Domain Name System’s Definition and General Information About Internet Domains

All DNS enabled internet domain names will stay constant while the fundamental network system and internet protocol addresses are going through changes. It provides stable application standards while using network apps for communicating with each other through these protocols, regardless of the networking core changes. It is a well distributed database hierarchy that contains domain system maps of domain names and a variety of data, for example the Internet Protocol. The most important factor is the advantage in using easily recognizable names such as my-local-store.com. These names are easy to read and remember by humans, we can easily access our favorite online stores and various services or information available over the internet.

Just imagine how hard would it be for internet users to remember numbers like 671.123.253.82! Most of the time we have a hard time to remember our own Ip addresses, not to mention other peoples Internet Protocol digits, it is obvious that remembering everyone’s IP address would be nearly impossible for human kind, and this way users can locate web services a lot easier.

Every time we turn on the computer and connect to the internet, we are automatically assigned to a specific numbers, just as our cell phone number. This number is made out of four parts, and each string is separated with dots.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Numbers & Names (ICANN) role is to safely store and protect the DNS for all internet domain owners around the world. ICANN’s main focus is the stability and protection of the system, and to inform and educate users to help protect it from potential viruses or other harmful threats. Providing an up to date protection to the database system is a very important task, new threats may come up each day. Major part of their work consists on system development, administration and the introduction of new domain extensions.

They are responsible for the management and coordination of the DNS servers to ensure universal resolvability.

The other important factor is the universal resolvability of the Domain Name System, it works in a similar manner as our telephone network. Each number has a unique location because there is a central computer system which ensures the uniqueness of each and every number and location in the main database system. Just think about it, what would it happen if there would be no order, and 10 different people would try to use the same number, since there would be no order the phone network would crash in a very short period of time. The same principle applies to our IP addresses and internet names, without a global system chaos would dominate the internet world.

Email addresses are based on domain names also, every Internet address after the “at” sign must contain a domain name. I’m sure you wouldn’t be very delighted if your email would land on somebody else’s inbox, you want to make sure that your messages will reach only the users selected by you. It is well known that the computer only recognizes two numbers, the number “0” or the number “1.” Is the circuit is open or closed? In today’s computer world technology doesn’t permit other versions, there is no middle way such as half way open or half way closed. Therefore, there are no identical websites names or email addresses and for this reason the domain names have values and you can also list you domain names for sale.

The main part of the DNS server is made up of approximately 15 super computers (also called root servers), and they are distributed in different parts of the world. These servers are very important, they are containing the same exact database, dividing the workload and provide back up between servers in case of major data loss.